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shazieh | agave pantry

I put my heart and hand into every part of Agave Pantry. As a highly energetic and tactile person, I have studied and practiced art forms that utilize both food and clay for over 15 years. I feel the scents and fragrances, the elements of taste and touch, and I find the transformation of both these mediums through fire positively thrilling.

Agave Pantry is the culmination of my journey from East to West and weaves a story through herbs, spices, food and clay; the marriage of desserts, infused culinary salts, sugars, spice blends, and pottery. The endless possibilities of working with ingredients and creating desserts and blends that are deeply personal is a daily pleasure. Similarly, clay too has the potential to spin between the potter’s fingers, bringing to life forms that are unique to the individual shaping the clay. To offer these creations at large is to offer the community a piece of myself.

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danielle | baker street skin care

After discovering that I had a chemical sensitivity, I wanted to develop a skin-care line that would be safe enough for my own skin, but not make me feel like I was missing out on my favorite little luxuries! So I started small- I began researching the different chemicals used in the cosmetic industry and their safer alternatives. Pretty soon I was making my own products. Seven years later, Baker Street Skin Care was born with the goal of delivering an effective and safe skincare line, backed by empirical data and research.

I only use the good stuff, because I wouldn’t want anything less for my own skin. You can trust that if it’s in my bottles, it serves a purpose- there are no “filler” ingredients. This means ounce-per-ounce you are getting your money’s worth.

Baker Street is home to me, and I am honored to have found a spot in yours. I would love to hear from you! Please reach out if you have any questions or aren’t sure how to navigate around your own chemical sensitivities.

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alain and arabella | house of hatters

We started House of Hatters 5 years ago. All of our hats are designed to be worn by both men and women. Each season we travel the world to develop an exclusive collection. We partner with local artisans from the region, blending modern style with their time-tested techniques. By traveling to each country and using local materials, we establish sustainable relationships with our artisans.

From Alain - Our hats begin with a felt mold or hand-woven body in Ecuador and are shaped, trimmed and finished in Arizona. At our studio in Tucson, we take all the materials from our artisans and create handcrafted hatbands, hand stitch stones and feathers, cut and shape all of our leather and finish each hat with true international style. Each hat is handcrafted, hand numbered, and available in limited quantities.

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ariel | buckley ceramics

Each ceramic piece I craft is handmade, one-of-a-kind and intended to be used and loved. 

I create primarily functional ceramics and love to explore form, texture, and color throughout the making process. My love for clay began in my hometown of Ajo, and I reconnected to clay in 2017 in Tucson. Since then, I have been making small batch ceramics in my home studio and Romero House Potters, where I teach the ceramics class Form & Function.

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