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I believe cooking represents the opportunity for creativity and expression, delivered through a passionate commitment to high quality flavors and beautiful presentation. As a lifelong home chef, I always strive for bold, distinct flavors in the dishes I create. I began blending my own spices after becoming tired of the bland, repetitive options common in most store-bought spice blends. Over time, I developed blends based on various flavors from different cultures across the globe as well as North America, including shawarma seasoning, curry seasoning, barbeque, cajun, and being from the Southwest, taco seasoning. The versatile nature of the different flavors allowed me to season a wide variety of foods. Thus, Big Batch Energy was born. As a company and brand, Big Batch Energy embodies my adventurous spirit and fervor for authentic, bold flavors. When I am not mixing spices or cooking, I love spending time with my family, tending to my garden, and staying active training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and lifting weights.

*portrait by Ashley Kron for 440 & co.

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