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I put my heart and hand into every part of Agave Pantry. As a highly energetic and tactile person, I have studied and practiced art forms that utilize both food and clay for over 15 years. I feel the scents and fragrances, the elements of taste and touch, and I find the transformation of both these mediums through fire positively thrilling.

Agave Pantry is the culmination of my journey from East to West and weaves a story through herbs, spices, food and clay; the marriage of desserts, infused culinary salts, sugars, spice blends, and pottery. The endless possibilities of working with ingredients and creating desserts and blends that are deeply personal is a daily pleasure. Similarly, clay too has the potential to spin between the potter’s fingers, bringing to life forms that are unique to the individual shaping the clay. To offer these creations at large is to offer the community a piece of myself.

*portrait by Ashley Kron for 440 & co.

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